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Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan

    Full name:                         Dr. Abdul Qadeer khan

    Age:                                    85 years

    Date of Birth:                     1st April 1936.

    Date of Death:                   10th  October 2021

    Profession:                          Pakistani nuclear physicist, metallurgist

    Marital status:                    Married

    Nationality:                         Pakistani, India, British Raj

    Religion:                              Islam

    Birthplace:                         Bhopal, India

     Children:                           two

     Marriage year:                   1964

     Residence:                           Islamabad, Pakistan

     Fields:                                  Pakistani nuclear physicist, metallurgist

     Awards:                               Nishan-e-Imtiaz(1996,1999), Hilal-e-Imtiaz(1989), Sitar-e-Imriaz

     Zodiac sign:                        Aries


         Brother:                              Abdul Quiyum Khan

         Daughters:                         Ayesha Khan, Dina Khan

         Spouse:                               Henny Qadeer khan


    1. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was born in Bhopal in 1936.
    2.  He immigrated to Pakistan with his family in 1947.
    3. In December 1974, Abdul Qadeer khan tried to convince the Prime Minister to adopt his Uranium route rather than the Platinum route in building nuclear weapons.
    4. On the 22nd  of August 2006, the Pakistani government declared that Abdul Qadeer khan had been diagnosed with cancer.


    1. Abdul Qadeer Khan is known as Mohsin-e-Pakistan.
    2. 1n 1960 Dr. Abdul Qadeer khan received a graduation Degree in metallurgy from the University of Karachi.
    3. Afterward, he preceded his studies abroad, where he awarded a Masters's Degree in Metallurgy in 1967.
    4. In 1972, he achieved a doctorate Degree in metallurgical engineering.
    5. After Graduation, Khan got a job as an Inspector of weight and measures.
    6. Khan also re-modeled the SUPARCO (Pakistan’s national space agency).
    7. Khan abetted in Pakistan’s space program, peculiarly (PSLV) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle and (SLV) Satellite Launch Vehicle.
    8. Abdul Qadeer Khan erected a “metallurgy and material science institute” in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering and Technology.
    9. Khan also served both as a Director and an Executive member in Dr. A. Q. Khan Department of metallurgical Engineering and Material sciences.
    10. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has also built Pakistan’s Nuclear weapons program.
    11.  Even so, Khan is considered respected scientist in Pakistan.


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