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Brendan Kavanagh 

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Brendan kavanagh 

Full name:                            Brendan Kavanagh

Age:                                         54 years

Date of Birth:                       1967

Profession:                            Pianist

Birth place:                           London, UK

Known as:                            “Dr. K”

Net Worth in 2021:               $1 Million - $5 Million

Instruments:                          Piano, Piano accordion

Languages:                            English


    1. Brendan Kavanagh specialized in promoting and playing the boogie woogie genre, combined with “classical, jazz, blues, rock & roll”.
    2. Kavanagh was used to play piano according to ‘Irish tunes’.
    3. He started to take classes of piano at age seven.
    4. In late teens, he was a famous pianist and keyboard player.
    5. In 2007, he found a “multi-platform, boogie, blues and rock n roll piano coaching and consultancy internet service” and changed his mind to online teaching, performing and promoting piano music. 


    1. Kavanagh graduated from Middlesex University in English. He completed his M.A in Anglo-Irish Literature and Drama at University College Dublin.
    2. As well as he has done his higher diploma in Education from UCC.
    3. He did his PhD from University of college Cork.
    4. He also wrote a book named as “Toxic Teaching”:“How Ofsted, targets and student behavior have turned a great profession into a nightmare”.
    5. He also wrote a book “The Badass Boogie Bundles” in 2014. 

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