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Full Name:                    James Mercer Langston Hughes

Date of Birth:               1st  Feb, 1902

Date of Death:              22 May, 1967 

Marital Status:             Unmarried

Profession:                    Poet, Social Activist, Novelist, Playwright and Columnlist

Nationality:                  American

Birth Place:                  Joplin, Missouri

Religion:                       Christian

Education:                    Lincoln University (1926-1929)

                                       Columbia University (1921- 1922)

Family Background:

  • Father:                          James Nathaniel Hughes
  • Mother:                         Carrie Langston Hughes
  • Brother:              Gwyn Hughes

Professional Career:

  1. After graduation James mercer wrote a poem “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” which was published in “The Crisis” in 1921 and he got a considerable attention.
  2. After his University in 1922, he explored “Harlem”, made a permanent attachment with city which he called “great dark city”.
  3. Langston Hughes won an opportunity magazine poetry prize in 1925.
  4. In 1925, Hughes was working as a busboy in a Hotel in Washington, he put his three poems beside the plate of Vachel Lindsay in the dinning room then the next day newspapers around the country reported that Lindsay had discovered an African American bus boy poet and Hughes received a scholarship of Lincoln University.   
  5. In 1926, “the Weary Blues” his first poetry book published by Alfred A. Knopf.
  6. In 1926, he received an award of Witter Bynner Undergraduate Poetry.
  7. In the same year he published “The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountains”.
  8. Hughes helped to launch influential magazine Fire in 1926.
  9. Hughes published his second collection of poetry “Fine Clothes to the Jew” in 1927.
  10. He received his degree in 1929 from Lincoln University.
  11. In 1934, Hughes published a collection of short stories “The Way of White Folks”.
  12. Hughes travelled widely in Soviet Union, Haiti, Japan and in other countries and severed as a newspaper correspondent in 1937 during Spanish Civil War.
  13. In 1940 he published “The Big Sea” his autobiography.
  14. In 1956, Hughes published his second volume of autobiography “I Wonder as I Wander”.
  15. Hughes wrote poetry until his death “The Panther and the Lash” published after his death in 1967.

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